Free SBI Life 5 min ORB Realtime chart

SBI Life 5 min ORB Realtime chart

SBI Life 5 min ORB Realtime chart
  • Color code –
  • 1st 5min candle day high value  – Yellow Horizontal Line
  • 1st 5min candle day Low value- Yellow Horizontal Line
  • Previous day high – Green dotted Line
  • Previous day Low-    Red dotted Line
  • 9ema – Orange color

SBI Life Trendline chart I Support and Resistance

SBI Life Insurance Company Limited

How to Use this SBI Life ORB Chart ?

  • ORB means opening Range breakout .
  • We have added 5 min opening range means 5 min candle high low .
  • if market holds 5 min high then market may be go up .
  • if market break 5 min low .. then market may be go down .
  • we have added previous day high and low .
  • Previous day high low works as support and resistance .
  • If previous day high was broken market may be go more up otherwise if this levels didnt hold market may fall near previous day high and works as resistance.
  • If previous day low was broken market may go more downside , or if this level hold market takes support from previous day low and work as support .
  • we have also added 9 ema which help you in entry and exit if candle below 9 ema you should short and wait with trail your stop loss as per 9 ema .
  • Buy – candle should be above 9 ema . Sell- candle should be below 9 ema .
  • 2nd chart tells you about whats the trend for today with support and resistance.
  • it also gives you trendline breakout and breakdown you can use this area for entry and exit .

Disclaimer:- This chart tells you about market trend and based on price action and you can use it for educational purpose . Before taking trade consult your financial advisor .we will not be responsible for your losses. Have a safe trading .