Nifty futures buy sell signals I Support resistance

Nifty Future Buy Sell signal I Pivot Levels I Forecast I Target

Nifty Futures Buy Sell Signal.

Nifty Futures I Support and Resistance

Nifty Trend today

Nifty spot 1min Support Resistance


Nifty spot 5min Support Resistance


Nifty spot 15 min Support Resistance


Nifty futures Demand and supply Zone I Free Nifty Live chart

NIfty 52 Week High Low

NIFTY 50EMA-200EMA I Daily Timeframe

How to Use this Nifty Buy Sell signal chart ?

Free buy sell signal software intraday
  • This Whole chart is Based on Price action Technique .
  • we provide free live nifty charts with technical indicators
  • 1st chart gives you target and  forecast with R1,R2,R3,S1,S2,S3
  • It tells you realtime trendline breakout breakdown .
  • Gives you realtime Demand and supply zones that is forming in realtime
  • Realtime swing high and swing Low that also tells you about Support and resistance area.
  • includes Vwap that triggers Buy and Sell signal
  • CCI indicator strategy also put in this chart .
  • So we have almost added too many strategies in this chart for better trend capture .
  • After following this chart you can trade with Nifty futures and also you can trade in options.
  • Follow my video instruction for how to use it in realtime .
  • its all system is automatic and free for all .
  • And last but not the least please follow some days for better idea for buy and sell signal.
  • Buy and sell signal is not good it may give you big losses so that why you should focus on price action .
  • For more you can also use our MT4 software for better knowledge and trading experience
  • If you need nifty future live chart with automatic buy sell signals you should always follow Nifty index chart for better levels with analysis.

Disclaimer:- This chart tells you about market trend and based on price action and you can use it for educational purpose . Before taking trade consult your financial advisor .we will not be responsible for your losses. Have a safe trading .