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Disclaimer:- This chart tells you about market trend and based on price action and you can use it for educational purpose . Before taking trade consult your financial advisor .we will not be responsible for your losses. Have a safe trading .

“Something you need to know about SGX NIFTY “

Information about SGX?

  • SGX Nifty represents Singapore Exchange Nifty.
    how it works so it means trading Nifty Contracts in SGX.
  • SGX Nifty is taken into account a future leading NSE Index Nifty that’s traded over Singapore Exchange.
  • Singapore Nifty which is documented as SGX Nifty is essentially a derivative product introduced by Indian Nifty Index to be traded in the Singapore stock market.
  • SGX Nifty and Indian Nifty Index are very correlated. It is essential to understand that not all of the Nifty company’s stocks are traded at SGX.
    The movement of the SGX Nifty is very correlated to the Indian Nifty index. It’s vital to understand that not all stocks that Nifty encompasses are traded in SGX.
    SGX Nifty designates Indian Nifty50 at Singapore Stock Exchange.
    It shows the direction of the Indian stock market.
    Singapore and Indian belong to the same continent.

Full function of SGX and what SGX nifty means ?

  • SGX refers to Singapore Exchange.
    Singapore exchange is taken into account together of the leading exchange within Asia which allows investors to get different positions, supported the longer term of products that are being traded through the exchange.
  • Aside from India, SGX allows its investors to achieve positions in FTSE, MSCI Singapore, MSCI Hongkong, China A50 Index, MSCI Asia, MSCI Taiwan, Nikkei225, etc.
  • Hence Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) are allowed to achieve an edge within the entire bunch of major indices in Singapore.
  • SGX may be a company that holds investment and is found in Singapore. the corporate is providing a spread of services related to the trade of monetary securities, derivates, and other products.
  • SGX also works because a member of the World Federation of Exchanges, also as a member of the Asian and Oceanian stock market Federation. SGX surfaced as a company on 1st December within the year 1999.
  • SGX also paid fully for the new shares that were issued in a number of the previous exchange companies like Singapore International Monetary Exchange (Simex, stock market of Singapore (SES), and Securities Clearing and Computer Services Pte Ltd (SCCS). These were the exchange companies that the share capital had been canceled earlier.
  • Consequently, SGX became the new owner of the previously owned assets by all of those three companies.
  • SGX also granted stocks that are brand-new the shareholders against the old stocks of SES, Simex and SCCS.
  • SGX additionally partners with NASDAQ OMX.
    By working together the 2 provide a mixed band of solutions to the businesses detailed within Asia.

What is the importance of SGX NIFTY?

  • Singapore Nifty (SGX Nifty) operates by attaining a position for future agreements or contracts in Singapore Exchange.
  • The settlement of future agreements relies on the ready cost of NIFTY in the Indian stock exchange NSE.
  • International Investors can this real method to have ease of flexibility of trading in Indian markets without setup or registration problems.
  • As SGX offers trading this is certainly 24-hour after-market positions, bets can be hedged any-time.
  • Additionally in addition shows the day this is certainly the next thing for the Indian Market helping people in predicting SGX Nifty.
  • SGX Nifty are going to be taking positions within the Singapore exchange future contracts. Future contracts are directly associated with Nifty settlement prices within the NSE
  • It provides flexibility to international investors; they are doing not got to found out or register entity to back the Indian market with the Indian authorities. Investors can hedge their bets 24 hours each day as SGX trading is out there for them

SGX NIFTY working time ?

intraday trade timing  during this all trading has been done that are given below

  • 1st session-first session- indian time- 06.30am – 3.45pm (Indian Standard Time)
  •                                  Singapore time– 09.00 am – 06.15 pm (Singapore timing)
  • 2nd-second session-indian time- 4.40pm – 2.45am (Indian Standard Time)
  •                                  Singapore time-06.40pm – 04.45am (Singapore timing)

opening and closing time of SGX NIFTY?

  • The closing and opening of SGX Nifty takes place at 6:30 am and 11.30 pm correspondingly, while Indian Nifty starts and closes at 9:15 am and 3:30 pm.
  • Usually, SGX Nifty fluctuation directly correlated to the movement of the Indian Stock Exchange. SGX Nifty and CNX Nifty TRADING HOUR respectively 16 hours and 6 hours 30 minutes daily.
  • It is used to point the position associated with the Indian stock market for the day that is following. Thinking about the effect of share trading globally and the geographic similarities of these two countries, Nifty is offering room to promote interdependence that is financial.
  • Traders view the value of Nifty to evaluate the understood amount of development. Investors seek opportunities through SGX Nifty in situations when access to the Indian Market is hard, but investors are doing betting at the lucrative market that is Indian.

Features of SGX NIFTY?

  • if we compare SGX to indian market , SGX Nifty contracts are traded uptill 16 hours whereas at NSE it’s traded for 6 hours 30 minutes only.
  • SGX Nifty is offering a chance of trading without constraints of your time zone and allows flexibility to international investors.
  • Additionally, Singapore is understood to be a versatile market where the movement of Indian stocks is visible by SGX Nifty.
  • Investors can’t access Indian Markets, so SGX Nifty provides exposure to people for gaining ideas about trade the marketplace that is indian.
  • The trend of SGX Nifty indicates the direction of the movement of Indian stock market . The timing of opening for Indian stock exchange is 9:00 am for the pre-opening session while the operations for the trading start at 9:15 am, and trading ends at 3:30 pm.
  • SGX Nifty offers flexibility to investors during a way that it’s different timings of trading which enables the international investors to trade at exchange even when Indians markets have closed down.
  • it’s often heard that markets presumably open with positive tracking Asian cues.
  • An early morning indication when SGX Nifty was up with 30 points. The news of SGX Nifty being traded at 30 points upside was viewed as a superb indicator for starting positive movement of Indian Market.
  • Hence the opening of the market in such how is taken into account a positive opening, and therefore the stock moves higher.
  • In another situation if SGX Nifty is notified to open at 15 points down, the result would be that NSE markets open negatively and therefore the points would slump further.

why you should know about SGX NIFTY?

  • Singapore Exchange is one among the simplest exchange in Asia, SGX allows investors to require part in several trades.
  • The exchange is furthermore allowing to require positions in Strait Times, FTSE, Nikkei 225, China 450, MSCI Taiwan, MSCI Asia, MSCI Singapore, MSCI Hongkong, etc.
  • Foreign people that are institutional rest in Singapore take positions in significant indices.
  • SGX is that the leading investment company in Singapore which provides high-quality Security, derivatives trading and other services.
  • Singapore exchange may be a member of the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation and World Federation of Exchanges. As a company , it had been formed on 1st December 1999.
  • The share capital of some exchange companies were canceled including the stock market of Singapore, Securities Clearing and Computer Services Pte Ltd and Singapore International Monetary Exchange.
  • SGX paid all newly issued shares of those companies. That’s exactly how all the assets which are brand new utilized in the Singapore exchange.
    Most of the shareholders received Singapore change shares which had been shares that are previously holding SCCS, SES, and SES.Singapore exchange is partnered with NASDAQ OMX. Both of those companies have designed the simplest solutions for the listed companies in Asia.

working procedure of SGX NIFTY

  • CNX Nifty and SGX Nifty work together and supply foreign investors with enough room for the investment and trading within the Indian stock market and Nifty futures.
  • The SGX Nifty is usually more productive as compared to Indian Nifty thanks to several reasons, more specifically SGX Nifty provides flexible timing which helps it to grow faster.

internationally SGX using by investors:

  • However, little question SGX is sort of popular but still trading in individual scrips of Nifty are often unacceptable.
  • we all know individuals scrips are unacceptable in exchange but not those which are listed up during a particular country, which suggests the chance for foreign invested to form a profit is sort of restricted.

Define futures contracts in SGX NIFTY?

  • S&P CNX Nifty Index may be a market capitalization-weighted index of fifty component stocks listed on the Indian bourse.
  • Contract Size – US$2 × SGX S&P CNX Nifty Index Futures price ≈ US$11,000* (*around price of futures is = 5,500).
  • Contract Months – 2 nearest serial months and Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec months for a pattern that is 1-year.
  • Minimum Price Fluctuation – 0.5 index point (US$1.00)
  • expiry day define as last Thursday of that month. If this drops for an India holiday; the previous trading day will be the business enterprise day that is preceding.
  • Settlement Basis – Cash settlement.
  • Final Settlement Price – Official price of the S&P CNX Nifty Index rounded to the closest 2 decimal places.
  • Negotiated Large Trade (NLT) – Minimum 50 lots.
  • Margin is taken from date (11 Aug 2011) – Maintenance: US$550.
  • Daily Price Limits – Temporary Price Limits.

Factors that is important in SGX NIFTY ?

  • Good tracking positive cues means mostly trader and investor follow this news .
  • it’s observed that the increase in SGX Nifty always causes a rise in NSE; it’s because positive world news still leaves an impact on the stock market .

Calculate Resistance Level in SGX NIFTY?

  • The SGX Nifty Resistance level is really a bar graph where you’ll see price point for security. thereon chart, the upward price movement is hindered by a particularly overwhelming level of supply for security gather at a selected price index in SGX Nifty.
  • when range bound market is going on there will be a resistance intact cause of this market face a resistance.
  • little question , these levels are very short-lived, and should remain at confrontation level over time.
  • However, if an experienced trader works, his first approach could also be to shut the position for an extreme resistance level, rather than taking the danger of a big decline within the position profit if the uptrend reserves.

Calculate Support Level in SGX NIFTY?

  • Here (worth means price) The worth level is referred by the SGX Nifty. Buyers always attempt to enter this level.
  • The test of the stock are often called when the worth goes towards the price .
    When the buyers enter into the stock, then the confirmation occurs.
  • When the worth moves past to the price , then the price is taken into account to be failed, and here the market starts trying to find the new level.

How to define 52 week high /lows of SGX NIFTY ?

  • The very best and therefore the lowest price of the previous year that an index has traded is understood as SGX Nifty 52 week high/low.
  • The stock’s quote summary has a 52-week range along side other information.
    regardless of if the businesses are trading for fewer than a year, 52-week range also will be sown in summary.
  • 52-week range low/high are often tracked by large institutions.
    Buying and selling pressure are often observed during this key area.

what is the term DSP in SGX NIFTY?

  • DSP defines as day settlement price it is taken from the closing price.
  • when the day closed means trading time ended and that time at which price settlement has been done.
  • when the market begins settlement price is taken from that price only.
  • in the final minutes of the session average of spot price is determined as the settlement price.
  • the settlement price is very mandatory for investors because it sows their profit as well as loss.

what is SGX NIFTY open interest ?

  • the second name of open interest is SGX NIFTY OI.
  • from open interest, one can calculate the support and resistance and trend of a market.
  • open interest is an indicator that is very much using by options traders they easily calculate market trends easily and find their entry and exit based on it.
  • option trader combines two data”s first one is changed in open interest and open interest.
  • if we add some technical indicators with open interest it gives good results as well.
  • The highest open interest shows strong support and resistance of market.
you can track here sgx nifty future live chart with live ticker price