Sher chart I NSE I MCX I Forex I Crypto Free Signal

Sher chart I शेयर चार्ट I Nse Free Buy Sell Signal

Here you get free tradeview nifty,banknifty buy sell signal with proper stop loss and all signal is based on price action . it updates in realtime after following this free buy sell signal you can easily find trend of nifty and banknifty and you can trade . i have given you some link for major indices and stocks .


Sher chart I शेयर चार्ट I Free MCX Buy Sell Signal

Sher chart I शेयर चार्ट I Free Forex Buy Sell Signal

Sher chart I शेयर चार्ट I Free Crypto Buy Sell Signal

Why it is different from ?

  • Tradingview provides you realtime chart with many custom indicators.
  • But here you get already applied indicator with good accuracy and there are two charts for confirm the trade .
  • 1st chart gives you realtime buy sell signal and pivot points .
  • 2nd chart gives you trendline with support and resistance .
  • After following both of charts one can easily find good levels for entry in any market .
  • it updates in realtime in between 3-5 seconds .
  • After following some days you will get idea how to trade with this strategy.
  • we have also put some target and stoploss as well on the chart always keep your stoploss in your trade and keep trailing your stoploss.
  • we have also added 200 ema and 50 ema value in some stocks and indices for capture good entry price and it works with daily timeframe .
  • All charts runs with 5 minute timeframe and for only intraday puprose dont follow for positional trades .
  • we will update positional charts in some days so keep visiting this website and follow us .