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Cardano buy sell signal

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Cardano usd  buy sell signal

How to use Crypto buy sell signal chart ?

  • There are two charts given on this page 1st chart tells you about pivot levels that includes Pivot point, R1,R2,R3,S1,S2,S3 with buy and sell signal .
  • There are four types of strategy we have clubbed with 1st chart that gives you almost 60-70 percent correct signal with 3 targets and also gives you trailing stop-loss price so you can save your money by putting that defined stop loss price.
  • Indicators we have added in 1st chart – CCI, RSI,EMA, ATR, Standard pivot levls (fibonnaci ratios).
  • Now in 2nd chart tells you about realtime trendline formation so you should look 2nd chart for more clarification about signals.
  • Trendlines tells you about market trend and it is totally based on price action we have also included support and resistance in 2nd chart it gives you realtime support and resistance that is based on swing high and swing low .
  • We have also added candle color based on some indicators . If Candle will be Red trend will negative if candle will be green trend will be positive .
  • if candle is green and it should be above trendline and signal tells you buy – you should always look for BUY.
  • if candle is red and it should be below trendline and signal tells you sell – you should always look for SELL.
  • you can also follow support and resistance for enter in a new trade and exit from your trade .
  • Both charts refresh automatically in 5-7 seconds .