80% Traders Use this best moving average crossover for swing trading

in this post we will talk about best moving average crossover for swing trading so strict with this post and read carefully I have explained this swing trading strategy you should look once .

What is swing trading ?

Swing trading means we can take position near swing move that happens in any stock and buy that stock at that reliable price and stay short to medium term to book good profits during good swing move to upper side in the stock.

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How to catch swing move in any stock ?

For catching swing move we need a good strategy for swing trading and catch good moves .

Steps to follow :

 Swing trading strategy :-


For checking trend use 200 ema 30 min 5-15 DAYS USE S/R ,TRENDLINE and 50 moving average 200 and 50
  • Apply 30 min timeframe in any stock and add 200 exponential moving average for checking the trend .
  • If candle closes above 200 ema then you should look for buy only .
  • Now draw trendline and confirm the trend see image below .
  • use 50 ema for pullback and re-entry .
  • use 200 ema as a trailing stoploss .
  • use 50 ema for profit booking also .
best moving average crossover for swing trading
50 and 200 ema crossover with support and resistance

conditions for buying selling and Re-entry :-

Buy stoploss Exit Reentry
candle should be close above 200 ema and trendline 1st time after entry you should take your stoploss near demand zone or below demand zone follow the image


Near supply zone or if candle close below 50 ema If market falls and again it comes near 200 ema.
you can also take at pullback near 50 ema Then take your sl near just below 200 ema but candle should not close below this and good demand area should be there  then you can take entry
swing trading strategy buy and sell
swing trading strategy with demand and supply and pullbacks

Pullback strategy in swing trading ?

  • when market is trending and higher highs formation is being create and you are waiting for a new signal for entry then you should wait for pullback .
Pullback strategy in swing trading
Pullback strategy in swing trading
  • in the image you can check 2 times market comes near 50 ema and  made a green candle there you can take entry .
  • and you can also take entry near 200 ema check in the image .

Trendline strategy for ENTRY ?

trendline strategy for swing trading
trendline strategy for swing trading for buying
  • in the above image I have drawn two trendlines these 2 trendlines confirm our entry point .
  • If candle breaks and close above trendline you must take entry this strategy works mostly times you should follow this strategy for swing trading .

Trendline strategy for Exit  ?


swing trading srategy
trendline strategy for exit
  • in this image I have drawn a trendline in for buying purpose but when we need to exit from this position.
  • You should check with the trendline of any trend either it is bullish or bearish if the trendline broke and if candle close below this you should close the position or you can also trail your stop loss near 50 ema.