Magic of Gann calculator in intraday trading

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(GANN Square Of 9 Calculator)  /Live gann calculator

  • It is the simplest method for intraday trading using W.D.Ganns Method and it is given by Gann square of 9.
  • This calculator based on the theory of W. D. GANN’s Square Of 9

Gann calculator formula :-

Gann square of 9 means 9×9 =81 whole nos of 9  and 81 is defined as geometrical structure.  So, this theory tells that price follows some geometrical pattern and W.D.Ganns has described this formula in his whole theory and this is called Gann theory.


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gann works in intraday trading?

so for this theory gives you support and resistance based on some formula you just enter an LTP price and this calculator gives you some levels. for detailed information, you need to read the whole theory of W.D. Ganns so you can check levels for some days and observe in the live market for more clarification whether it works or not.

Using of gann calculator for intraday?

when the market opens at 9:15 you should wait at least 1 hour.  Now next thing you need to do just note down the current market value (L.T.P) of that particular security stock or futures and just put that value in the  Enter current market price value in then calculate after that it will give you the exact buying levels as well as short selling values .

in the recommendation bar you can see ..

these values:–


Buy at / above: 15006.25  Targets: 15029.37 – 15060.02 – 15090.71 – 15121.43
Stoploss: 14975.64
Sell at / below: 14975.64   Targets: 14952.53 – 14921.97 – 14891.44 – 14860.94
Stoploss: 15006.25


Disclaimer:- Stock market is very risky before taking a trade-in live you need to check at least for some days for being confident in live if you will lose money after applying this tool levels I am not responsible for that please contact your financial advisor.

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