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stocks to buy in Jan 2021

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4 Top stocks to buy in jan 2021

In this post we will discuss about 4 top stocks to buy in  jan 2021

  • Stock: Newland Lab
  • Time Frame: Daily
  • Description: The security has provided nearly 7000% return in a span of 17 years and has peaked out in April’2017.
  • Additionally, Covid has provided its bit as well.
  • Currently, with the All-Time High volumes of more than 25 Million cumulative shares being traded since June’2020.
  • The price is consolidating for two months.
  • The plan of action right now can be, letting the price to have structure from consolidation to a downtrend in order to make a Flag & Pole Pattern.
  • One can ponder on having investment in the stock above the recent high of 1330
  • And a target of 1500 and having a stop loss to crucial Moving Average or whatever suits your Risk: Reward status.
4 top stocks to buy in jan 2021
Stock: Newland Lab Time Frame: Daily


  • Stock: Cheviot Company Ltd. (stocks to buy in jan 2021)

  • Time Frame: Daily
  • Description: The security has been squeezing after hefty selling in March.
  • Currently, it’s on the verge of breaking either side (Having a good probability of upside) whilst having reasonable support of 100 Day Simple Moving Average.
  • A breakout above the structure with good volumes perhaps would provide a buying opportunity with followed by the good money management system.
  • Risk averse can wait for the break of 725 levels and price acceptance in a new area for the company.
4 top stocks to buy in jan 2021
Stock: Cheviot Company Ltd.

  • Stock: Sudarshan Chemical

  • Time Frame: Daily
  • Description: The security with 31250% return from All Time Low till All-Time High has come given a good opportunity.
  •  For trend trading investors to have the stock in their portfolio.
  • Currently, the stock has been forming Ascending Pattern for 8 months and is quite near to its breakout after getting squeezed to its edge.
  • The stock has indeed given fake breakouts a couple of times with indeed blasting volumes.
  • A prudent player can wait for a Monthly closing candle to averse from any type of risk.
  • The stock is falling near 100 Day Moving Average, which makes it a better candidate in terms of Risk- Reward structure for swing/long term players.
  • The stock can be though of buying with a target of 600 and stop-loss at below the structure in order to be safe from any outbreak in the market environment
stocks to buy in Jan 2021
Stock: Sudarshan Chemical

  • Stock: Avanti Feeds
  • Time Frame: Daily
  • Description:Description: The security price structure has made an Ascending Channel Pattern 
  • The price has been squeezing since the month of July 2020 and has reached the verge of a breakout, preferable upside, resuming the overall trade.
  • And pushing the stock valuation
  • higher by bouncing from 61.8% magical Fibonacci level.
  • A decent breakout from 560 with a daily closing and higher volumes could be a sign of moving to another the pre covid highs of 700+ .
  • A weekly closing price above 560 would be a fairly decent closing to attract new potential buyers in order to help the stock to rally significantly.
 Avanti Feeds Time Frame: Daily
Stock: Avanti Feeds Time Frame: Daily

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