2 good Stocks to buy in 2021

Stocks to buy2 good Stocks to buy in 2021

Stock: Marico

Time Frame: Weekly
Description: The security with continuous uptrend since 2005 had to halt its journey in 2019.

  • However, the action master is back in the ring by breaking all resistances with the highest volumes than ever and surpassing every hurdle on the way with ease.
    Watching the shareholdings.
  • Promoters being nearly 60% owners of the company with zero shares pledged. FIIs & DIIs have not much change in their positions in the stock in recent quarters.
  • The revenues of the company have remained stagnant for the past two years. Being a regular Dividend payer, giving a positive outlook to the company hence benefitting the long-term investors as well
  • Looking at the charts, the share price has broken multi-year resistance and all set to reach new skies. Giving a retracement to the swing highs in the weekly time frame creates a healthy form of the longer uptrend.
  • Buying at the CMP won’t be foolishness whilst placing the stop below 400 according to the appetite. Projecting targets on All-Time High stocks is like shooting arrows in the dark, however, ₹500 level is a decent target for the near future.

Stocks to buy

Stock: Bharat Rasayan

Time Frame: Weekly

Description: ”35000% in 20 Years”, isn’t that enough to motivate someone to at least look into the company?

  • Being demanding on the field of Pesticides & Agra Chemicals sector with a staggering rise in the Revenues of the company on annual basis makes it more worthy to look onto.
  • Talking about Share Holding Pattern, Promoters being 75% owner have no pledging of the share.
  • The market cap of nearly 4500 cr and highest ROE among its peers, makes it unique.
  • Looking at the technicals, the recent month volumes have shown significant growth, thus implying the interest of many big players.
  • The security price has been in a downtrend to sideways from 2018, but the recent breakout has created interest in many of the investors.
  • A monthly close above ₹10500 can be seen as a good opportunity to have this mid-cap company in the portfolio. Stop Loss under the swing low and targets for ₹12500+ can be projected.

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