Free Nifty IT screener Nse

Realtime Nifty IT Screener NSE

Nifty IT screener Nse


LTP green = Trading above yesterday high

LTP red= Trading below yesterday low

Neutral (White)= Trading b/w yesterday high and low

 Nifty IT stocks Live charts with Signal below

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important instructions

The above NSE nifty IT screener gives you Live nifty IT stocks yesterday high and yesterday low breakout levels, in live market after following this levels you can easily find out the trend of nifty IT.

Trend up= If major IT stocks trades above yesterday high it means trend will be positive.

Trend Down =If major IT stocks trades below yesterday low trend will be negative.

Neutral = If IT stocks trades between yesterday high and low then NIFTY IT INDEX will be act like sideways .

You can also track live  nifty IT heat map for today market.