Tick data Live Trading view indicator (Premium) free download

What is tick data?

Tick data means fluctuation of price it captures every price movement and reflects  each price movement on candles and you see the live price of a particular security, stocks or futures.

what is the main thing you should follow in this indicator?

  • it shows you real-time buyers sellers at a particular point
  • it is based on artificial intelligence
  • it helps us with reversals
  • what are reversals?

Reversals simply mean if the market is trading in the downside but in sometimes it pullback and reverses quicky from its support point or demand zone so you can try to catch that particular with the help of this indicator .

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Tick data Live Trading view indicator (Premium) free download

in the above image you can clearly check the live data it is showing both buyers and sellers data in a particular window.

and sellers are increasing it indicates some negative movement or downside this type of things you can catch in a live market.

Observe it at least some days to clear your concept depending on it .


 Wait 20 second for downlaod link and scroll below and click on download file to download