Nifty Analysis for Tomorrow 14 jan 2021

Nifty Analysis for Tomorrow 14 Jan 2021

In the above image, you can clearly see the trend Right now in nifty.NIfty daily forms higher high and going up but for a healthy trend all stock and indices take a rest for some time and then again after taking the support it rides the trend.

It continues its trend that is forming in that particular indices or security.

“Nifty Analysis for Tomorrow 14 Jan 2021″

What’s my view on Nifty:-

if we talk about Nifty so NIfty has good support not strong near 14400 so it may break in near days so be cautious if you have taken trade in NIfty futures as well as in options.

Now, Nifty is trading near 14550 that is near its upper trendline that may act as a resistance and fall till 14400 in some days or 1-2 days, and if it sustains 14400 then some bounce back possible.

If nifty not hold 14400 then it may befall till 14100 as near its healthy trendline.

Stay and be cautious:-

if you want a good price for entry stay alert and be cautious for some good fall near 14100. it may be a good point for entry with some small stop loss so now we should wait for this level.

Discalimer:-I am not a Sebi registered analyst before taking trade contact your personal adviser. I will not be responsible for your losses


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