Best Previous Range Breakout Tips You Will Read This Year

👆Previous Range Breakout

Previous range breakout a golden rule for intraday trading ?

✅  why we should look for previous range breakout ??
✅  why this is the most important term in trading ?
✅  So today we will discuss about on all important terms and discuss all the terms in brief …


Previous Range Breakout Tricks
Previous Range Breakout

How to Find Levels ?

✅so in the above picture … i have drawn a range .. previous day high and previous day low  previous day high was 3979 and previous day low .. is 3827  so why we need this range ..??

✅because we are exploring about breakouts and we need range so these two levels will act as range if .

Previous day range wil break either side our strategy will active … if previous day high 3979 i.e high of previous day we need to wait for break this .. other than .

We need to wait for previous day low i.e is 3827 this strategy will active .. so you its mandatory to draw these two lines …


✅These two levels also acts as a support and resitance ..  means … our support is 3827  and our resitance level is 3979 so this is the way .. to find support and resistance and .. trade with this strategy is good for intraday …

How this Breakout occurs ?

✅ so in the above picture you can clearly see the breakout happens .. how it works and how it gone up
✅so always keep in mind before you take any trade keep your stoploss .. like wise in image .. always .. take a stoploss below demand zone or near demand zone .. becuase its a good way to .. trade with stoploss
✅ And for taking profits .. you need to draw a trendline and .. if it broke .. exit from that particular trade that you have taken .. in either side
✅  i have discussed 1 scenario that is for buying level .. becuase our high level broke and ..we have taken and enrty with stoploss.

Like wise … if our previous day low will broke .. then we go for short this trade and stoploss will be near swing low candle .
✅ You need to understand the strategy and apply on all stocks commodity whatever you do trade or you want to trade .

✅this is really a good way for intraday trading …

✅you need to give your time for almost 10-15 days for better results  keep patience and have a safe trading ….

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✔️Disclaimer :- Intraday trading is very risky so be cautious and .. before go in live first do demo trade on paper.

👇Need to try all intraday strategy all setting of indicator that will work for you …

good indicators … list that is good for intraday trading …

1. EMA  (Exponential moving avearge )

2. MACD ( Moving Avearge convergence divergence )

3. Support and resistance (Not an indicator but its a great way to find supply and demand zone)

4. Pivot points … its also a good tool for .. find out near support and resistance it includes in all trading platform ..