How to use Auto buy sell signal (intraday trading)

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How to use Auto buy sell signal (intraday trading)

step by step explanation

1.when you open any live signals of MCX so first thing is you need to see Multi timeframe signals likewise in image shown below ..
How to use Auto buy sell signal
How to use Auto buy sell signal
intraday trading
Here  default time frame is 15 min becuase 15 min is the best timeframe for intraday trading ..
so you have to check the signal in all time frame by clicking on all timeframe  1minute, 5-minute, 15-minute ,1 hour so these 4 timeframes is good for intraday so you need to check this four timeframes .. for identifying the trend

conditions :- Scenario-1:-Auto buy sell signal

if in 1 hour trend = SELL  AND  same in all timeframe  so you can go short  and for confirmation

you need to check the charts if charts says you sell then you must go for short .. likewise below chart

mcx live
mcx live 

 ✅Scenario 2:-

if  in 1 hour trend = Buy 
and in three timeframes. 1minute ,5minute and 15 minute = sellbe cautious .. because it may be bounce back to buy after its support point so need to clear these things .. Want to more about support and resistance click here for more information .


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