You are currently viewing EOD Data Downloader with one click

EOD Data Downloader with one click

👍EOD Data Downloader

✅   Best things to Know about EOD data DOwnloader

✅   Update data in one click.

✅   it creates automatically database for the Amibroker folder

✅   Backfill date 2008-2019

✅   All stock of NSE 

🆗                                Steps To follow

✅ Download amibroker from this site because its full version✅Datafire software 

✅First, install amibroker and then this software follow video for whole-step

✅when the first time we open software it will take some time to complete setup so wait till the completing the process

✅Again open this software and Amibroker 

✅After opening select data from to 

EOD data Downloader
EOD data Downloader

✅Now click on To ami and it will update your amibroker process will take some time because it downloads data from the server.

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There is much more software available for free EOD data Like getbhavcopy for this click here to read fully about this how to install this and what is working.

How Amibroker plot charts on to? It needs data so for data you need to create a database and save data in it then you will get proper charts.

so from where you get data, I will provide you from 1995 to till 2019 go to this page and download read our full blogs about amibroker and enjoy.