You are currently viewing nest rtd For Amibroker ….1.4.0 I Free download

nest rtd For Amibroker ….1.4.0 I Free download

Data Feed For Amibroker….1.4.0

  • What is RTD? (Data Feed For Amibroker….1.4.0) data feed amibroker what is the installation Process of RTD full video is below this post.

so watch and see step by step 

 RTD- stands for Real-time Data 

When we talk about Data feed for amibroker many companies, organizations and brokers takes a charge of it. But I am giving you the best real-time data software that name is RTD 1.4.0

when we use Nest trader it has a plugin named- Nest plus API that is already installed in your nest trader platform there an option called data table so we have to click any stocks and then.

we have to click on data table so a window will open and you will see the table of that particular stock so this data comes from nse data server and when you install RTD it goes directly from nest trader to RTD in live .

Then after you would see the live data on amibroker .

So here is the link for Download .