How to add live price to any formula Afl ?

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  • How to add live price to any formula Afl ?

☑Procedure —–

✅ First you need to download this formula from below given link 

✅ then you need to copy that formula and paste it to c Drive amibroker formula folder 

✅ open any company chart 

✅drag any formula or simple price chart 

✅ and chart should be live 

✅just drag this formula to any chart 

✅ you will see this type of price will come on any chart and also LTQ will shown 

✅ LTQ means last traded quantity ..

✅ you can also right click on this formula and copy full code and paste to any formula code  line and it will show the live price its beautiful and good for tick by tick information of live price .

✅ So try to download this apply to any chart ..

✅ Download link —google drive link