Best for Intraday -Vwap AFL for Amibroker download in free

Vwap AFL- Volume Weighted Average Price For Amibroker (AFL)

why we need to add this indicator in Amibroker .

today in this trading field many of big investors , FIIs ,DIIs ,Retail investors are using this indicator on a very large scale for identifying the trend that is generated and based upon volume so you should also use this indicator.

  • you can use it for intraday beacuse it gives you good result in intarday trading
  • you can also make a good intraday strategy by using this vwap afl or indicator with other indicators like supertrend , EMa”s, Oscillators and so on .
  • how to calculate VWAP?

it gives you an average price after calculating ongoing volume that is traded currently in the market and gives you the good buying average price as well as good selling price .This is the best intraday indicator you can use in zerodha platform as well and it is also available most top brokers all over the world and india also .

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Buying condition :-

when vwap below the candle it acts as a support and tells you for buy but some conditions are there

1st condition – when candle is very far away from vwap you should not buy on that price .

2nd condition– when candle is very near from vwap and market is also bullish you should look for buy .

3rd condition – when candle is very far away form vwap so you should wait for pullback and then confirm with ema and then you should go for buy .


Selling condition –

just reverse the buying condition .

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