EUR/USD forex signals live with technical Anlaysis 04th August 2021

Hello all forex traders today i will share my analysis with proper chart and i will give you the levels for buy and sell as per analysis .

In this post we will discuss about forex signals and tell you about the whole analysis for major currency pairs this analysis will help you in trading .kindly mark these levels on your chart .

Now i will try to upate you with daily forex signals with accurate levels in free .

EUR/USD forex signals live 4th august 2021

in the above image you can clearly check  . it is trading near its support area and this support may push EUR /USD at higher levels to target 1 that lies near 1.19070

Buy near -1.18400-1.18600

1ST TARGET NEAR –1.19070 IF this level sustains you may see upper levels also .

Disclaimer :- This analysis is totally based on my experience and it may give you profit or loss so do your own analysis before taking any trade its a financial market so its very risky so try to understand the logic and do with your risk capacity don’t loose money ,for more contact your financial advisor .