Nifty prediction for tomorrow 29 july 2021 (Weekly expiry)

Hello, all traders today we will discuss .. about nifty prediction for tomorrow with multi-timeframe analaysis .. and with support,  resistance, and trendlines.. also .

so Please follow nifty analysis for tomorrow and .. match with my analysis ..I may be wrong or right .. but i have explained all facts .. and levels with logic .

nifty prediction for tomorrow 29 july 2021

In today session nifty didn’t sustain 1st 15800 level and quick fallen from there and again it has retested 15700 level but again it didn’t sustain and fallen till 15507 .

In my yesterday post I have given you some advice for short nifty near 15800 and also I told that if nifty does not sustain 15700 . so it can fall till 15650 and 15600 and so on.

But when we talk about weekly timeframe so I told you that nifty has good support on weekly trendline and till it didn’t broke yet so this level again work in  tomorrow session as well .. if we talk about weekly support .. 15500 -15600 now weekly support so only closing below this we can see a major downfall otherwise if market sustain these levels of support that is 15500-15600 so in coming days you can an upmove but this level need to sustain for going up.

Now for tomorrow session lets discuss some levels for entry and exit .and tomorrow is a weekly expiry session so market will be more volatile tomorrow. so always trade with safety and do with risk management and stop loss as well .

nifty prediction for tomorrow

its 15 min timeframe chart .. so as you can see there is a trendline breakout happening in 15 min chart so it means if NIfty

Scenario -1: If nifty holds 15700 for some time it can quick move up to 15750 and till 15780 -15800

Buy Near 15700. target 15750-15800

Scenario -2: If nifty does not hold 15700 for some time so again it may fall  till 15650 and 15600

Sell  Near 15700. target 15650-15600

Scenario -3 : If nifty opens gap up near 15800 so you can short nifty near 15800 and it may be come again 15750 -15700

Sell  Near 15800. target 15750-15700

So please keep this levels with scenario in your mind .

Disclaimer:-This  all analysis I have done with my experience and my knowledge. I may be wrong or right so try to do your own analysis also for better clarification. The stock market is very risky, it may give you losses also so I will not be responsible for your losses.

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