Amibroker Full Details and Working ?

⇒What is Amibroker?

Amibroker is the best technical analysis software in the industry of stock market. More possible things you can do with this software like you can draw levels, trendline, support, resistance, and so on. This is the Free technical analysis software with buy sell signals you can use it in free.

amibroker drawing tools
amibroker drawing tools

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In the above, you can see there are so many tools listed like

  • Select
  • Trendline
  • Ray
  • Extended line
  • vertical line
  • Horizontal lines
  • parallel lines
  • Rectangle
  • circle
  • Ellipse
  • Triangle
  • Text
  • Fibonacci tools and so on.

Once you have drawn something on charts you can also save that it is the most promising feature in this software.

→You can create multiple databases as well means if you want different databases for different data like one is for real-time and the other is for EOD.You can also Import files like text,c.s.v, .pm ,.dn etc for charting purpose .

⇒Use Amibroker with the Indian market?

Yes, you can use it with the Indian market for this you need data. So from where you can get data, there are so many things you can do for getting data first one is Nest to amibroker set up and you can do by own by watching our videos and see the post of our blog otherwise you can contact with us we can provide you in some minimum cost for a lifetime.
2nd one is RTD -Realtime data it is free you can download it free from our website click here for Download

⇒what is Amibroker AFL?

All software has its language so this software is also based on AFL language AFL stands for Amibroker formula language. It means you should have knowledge about it but don’t worry thousands of free AFL’s are available on the internet and our website also ok. So for displaying the chart it needs some AFL files so it responds only in this language don’t confuse more it’s simple as you learn this.


Amibroker vs tradingview?

If we compare both platforms which are the best among them. Both have some limitations like

Amibroker is available on windows all versions and it a software means you need to download exe file then you need to install this on your system and then need data and AFL file for the chart and you customize the chart to automate your signals do all thing.

Tradingview is the web-based platform you can use by the browser that may be in your system or in mobile also you can download it from the play store as well.


you can download amibroker from its official website and use its free version for checking how it works and how much it suits you and do some research and practice to learn well.

⇒Scanners and Backtesting:-
it supports real-time scanners as well as scans In any timeframe which you want to scan and inform you about best buy sell signal for trading purpose.

And it supports Backtesting also means you can also check how much you earn from a particular strategy when you apply it to the chart.