• In this post we will discuss about some patterns forming in Hindustan Unilever 




          if we analyse any stock so we should find any pattern i.e forming right now in that stocks



  •       and we should manage our risk and reward ratio with risk management  so ,Hindustan unilever is a good company with good weightage in stock market   and even  doing good business in lockdown also.. 


  • if we are looking for any company that gives us good profit in short time of span so we should wait for any confirmation or any pattern that is forming in the current situation .


  • As i am telling this thing to you .. Big company dont fall so much .. we should believe on chart patterns .


  • If you guys dont know about chart patterns .. so in coming post i will discuss about chart patterns .. 

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  • Now move on .. talk about chart patterns that is forming in Hindustan ..Unilever ..


  • in the above image you can clearly see .. it is in uptrend and .. it lies on trend line .. in weekly timeframe ..and showing us W pattern .. in weekly .. timeframe .


  • when this type for patterns given by company it will give us good risk reward ratio we will discuss about it..



  • for more confirmation .. its a daily chart of Hindustan Unilever .. you can clearly see the chart pattern .. 
  • now we will discuss about entry sl and target .. 

👉current price – 2050 
💥💥💥Keep a 👉stop loss –  1920-1930
👉Target near – 2400

  • Disclaimer :– Its my analysis it may give you loss or profit so its all depends on you and if you are taking any trade behalf of this you will be responsible for this .. 

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