I Will Tell You The Truth About Intraday Trading In The Next 60 Seconds.

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😍 Intraday Trading

✅   what is intraday trading ?? why we should know about intaday trading ,, in next 60 second i will tell you the secret about intraday trading ?  so please strict with this page and .. you will learn good things that will blow your mind?

Intraday trading — its Very risky so please trade with your capital dont take a loan or dont lend with someone or dont trade with other capital its very risky ..

✅ trade with strict stop loss and target and maintain this always . beacuse without this . you can lose your whole money in seconds .

✅ Find stocks with i.e volatile means .. daily range should be 5-20 points in each side means positive or negative ??  

✅ Now search for only NSE stocks .. always add top 50 companies of NSE .. in the list .

✅ Search stocks in the terms of sector specific means .. first find out sector means .. BANK, METAL, AUTO ,FMCG, and so on ..

✅  BANK sector always lead whole Nifty beacuse ,, if Bank Nifty goes up and up and its bullish  so all bank stock will go up and its too volatile beacuse . in some second it rises more and more .. 

✅  dont take and trade after market opnes means at 9:15 -9:30 so you should wait till 10:00 am  so you will have to wait till 10 am. and after that 

✅ so the most important thing .. which type of stocks we should add in our list .. 

✅patters we should follow … if a stock .. is forming Ascending triangle like wise .. in the below picture  always .. take a trade .. for buy only beacuse if a stock forms this type of pattern and if its breakout the above level changes high to go rise and rise in copule of minutes hours so wait till breakout and keep patience with stoploss and target …
Ascending triangle

✅Descending triangle —  so find this stock .. if forming Descending triangle like wise .. in the below picture  always .. take a trade .. for sell  only beacuse if a stock forms this type of pattern and if its breakdown the below level changes high to go down and down in copule of minutes hours so wait till breakdown and keep patience with stoploss and target …
Descending triangle

✅Breakout strategy — So … in brekaout strategy we should wait for breakout either side up or down .. so wait till breakout and .. wait for sustain .. the level and .. after that we should take a trade .. buy or sell/.. in below picture you will see the whole image of breakout..  levels ..

Breakout strategy
✅you need to give your time for almost 10-15 days for better results  keep patience and have a safe trading …. 

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Disclaimer :- Intraday trading is very risky so be cautious and .. before go in live trade first do demo trade on paper i mean to say if you want to improve your intraday trading you need to practice more and more and for almost 10-15 days it will improve your work ..
Need to try all intraday strategy all setting of indicator that will work for you … 

good indicators … list that is good for intraday trading …

1. EMA  (Exponential moving avearge )

2. MACD ( Moving Avearge convergence divergence )

3. Support and resistance (Not an indicator but its a great way to find supply and demand zone)

4. Pivot points … its also a good tool for .. find out near support and resistance it includes in all trading platform .. 

5.. Its enough .. dont use so much indicator …. in next post post .. i will share a new strategy that will work in intraday ..