Nest to Amibroker data Backfill procedure ?

Nest to Amibroker data Backfill procedure 

you Need to install softwares as i said ..One by one 

1.You need to open  Nest trader 
2.Put ur id and password of Nest plus 

If you dont have the id and password of Nest plus please contact your broker as soon as possible or mil him and ask your id and password .. 

please write a mail regarding Nestplus id and password …


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Nest to Amibroker they will create your id and password and ,, mail you within a very short time so you can easily login with your id and password and .. enjoy the services of Nest plus api and you can watch chart also ..

3. you can download data as well as Eod data , intraday data table .. so on ..

you need to click on any stock and go to the option data table as seen in the video and follow the steps for backfill easily with .. some clicks….

you need to open RTD software and .. and go to option RTD …. then it will work for this please watch video step by step .. for .. more information .. if you do all thing in a correct way you will definitely run ur RTD as soon as possible …so ..keep patience and .. follow all videos …


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