Crude Ananlysis for Tomorow .. 07 feb 2020

Crude Ananlysis for Tomorow .. 07 feb 2020

Crude Ananlysis for Tomorow .. 07 feb 2020

✔️As i post yesterday level on my website told you that 3708 is a resistnace zone and if crude will not sustain this level  then it will go down .. and Trend is also bearish .. so .. 
same as my post my levels achieved today .. 3650-3610  

 if we see Long term trend of crude oil . that is bearish …

✅That is bearish…. becuase if you do analysis on daily chart .. it is bearish …

So for tomorrow …. 

✅If crude sustains above 3650  level    and sustains then .. some rise possible and targets can be
        1st tgt –   3680
        2nd  tgt – 3700

after this .. if crude .. sustains .. above  3700-3715-3720 level .. decissively and sustains above this 
gone more up side .. so 

If crude not sustains above 3650  level   then .. some fall  possible and targets can be

  1st tgt – 3600
     2nd  tgt – 3580

if crude gone up and.. not sustains .. 3700-3715-3720 levels then again .. you can short crude 
and tgts can be 3650 again .. like today becuase ,, 3700-3715-3720 good resistance area … so be cautious .. 

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