How to Become a Profitable trader ?

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✔Learn Price Action Strategy

If you want Earn money from Stock market you need to work only on Purely Price Action tools

Things include in Price Action -Multitimeframe Analysis

Find Different Support Resistance

Different trendlines Strategy I Mutiple Swings

Analyze Atleast 8-10 Charts daily I Give 5-6 Hours Daily

  • Dont Use any type of indicator or purchase any indicator it doesnot work.
  • Indicators are lagging so they dont know where the market can go , only price action levels can tell you about market Levels.
  • If you are looking for indicator so go with only price action Based tools Like Trendlines, Support /Resistance and demand and supply zones .
  • Dont Purchase any Course . (If anyone giving Live classes in Live market then you can join ). But at affordable price.
  • People think if i attend clasess so i can make money but its not true, after that they can also loose whole capital.
  • Many people takes too much money for training like 20000 -25000-30000 its too much money dont go with that its only scam for making money from business.
  • If any person or mentor provide training in less charge under 10000 , then you can go with that but always go with (Live sessions only .)
  • Dont Go for any recorded Session it has no use of it , if you buy this you are wasting your money .
  •  If you want to improve your trading give atleat 5-6 hours daily on live charts as well as for analysis .
  • Use always multitimeframe analysis it can tell you easily about any move that may be happens in any stock .
  • its not easy to make money in stock market , so without hard work you cant make money from stock market .
  •  Dont follow anyone tips or subscribe any services beacuse it can give you more losses , and you can waste your hard earn money .
  • If anyone gives you his view or his analysis so find the logic behind that and match with your analysis too and then go for entry as per your risk capacity.
  • So First Learn stock market Price action things and  give your time and then only you can earn .
  • There is no faster way to earn money from stock market.
  • without loss you cant make money so there is loss behind your profit always .
  • What is indicator , indicator is totally based on mathematical calculation .
  • So, It gives you signal when the calculation hits it formula . So , i already told dont follow any indicator its lagging they dont know where the market can go .
  • People seeling this type of colorful indicator that has no use so thats why i have provided them in free so they can use it and see their results.
  • And they couldn’t trap in any scam of indicator selling .
  • If anyone provide indicator or stategy that is based on Pure price action you can go with that .
  • Dont follow any buy sell signal indicator . (It can make you ruin.)
  •  Many people call me and told about how much losses i have done so i simply told him about which thing that only works in market .
  • First be serious if you become a trader dont do masti with your capital , Beacuse dude you are working on a business so first understand that you have putting your hard earn money in a business .
    • If someone opens any business so first he learn about that education or business so that they could explore more about their good and bad things.
    • So how can you beleive on someone .
    • Its your money so do with your mind only because all have different different mind power .
    • Follow simple things, be confident and do hard labour its the only way to make money from stock market .
    • Dont think that you can recover your losses .
    • First you should  learn about how can make your losses less, so work on that only .
    • It slowly improve your accuracy in Trading .
  • You can use Moving average with multitimframe for finding its strong zones and weak zones .
  • If you have any strategy that depens on any indicator and it works so you can follow.
  • If you are are looking for any indicator so you need to make your own strategy that should work well in live market so , you can try this method.
  • you can use CPR,  Pivot points , VWAP and Moving Average it can give you good results in live market .
  • Before following those indicator first explore more in live market  and paractice in live market many free videos are available
  • First i want ,you dont loose too much money in stock market.
  • You can make a trader easily by following simple concepts .
  • I wish ,you can be a indepenet trader , that believes on their decisions .
  • Please share this message to your friend , family and groups as well for save our money and earn from stock market together .
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